Wednesday, April 06, 2005

from Cousin Marie in CA

The news got my attention today with mention of heavy rains and flooding in south Jersey, as well as in Easton PA. Just wondering how family members are managing and if any have been affected.

Jim observed his 60th birthday and his retirement from County Public Health at a community gathering the last Sat in March. It was a good opportunity for a family get-together and most of us were there, from the youngest (Walt's grand-daughter) to the oldest (me). His older daughter, Jennifer, is an R.N. in Portland and working towards a B.N. at Univ of Portland. She is getting married in August. His son Michael is "in Canada" and was not present. His younger daughter Jessica enjoys working as a home attendant for elderly patients. Mendocino is a rather quaint place .... have you been to that town? Jim plans to be a gentleman farmer now and has cleared enough trees to allow sunlight (what little there is of it so close to the ocean) peek through between 12 noon and 3 p.m. I am not fond of the "maritime climate" as he calls it. His property actually is in the town of Albion, in Mendo Cty - about 5 miles from Fort Bragg.

Thinking of you and Kathy and hope you are "high and dry."


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