Sunday, March 20, 2005

the Virginia post #2

down here where the south never forgets, we are dealing with obstacles and roadblocks and "hey, this is my life" responses to it all. Katy is doing well, distributing poetry submissions to our readers from the just finished poetry chapbook contest. I have a paper due tomorrow (normal freakout time), otherwise - it's all going well.

I too am excited to see the girls but will have to wait a bit since another PA run isn't soon in our agenda. We are looking at the Toyota Prius, hydrids in this age of $2.00 gas makes sense (until they come out with a nongasoline using vehicle)

I am surprised that E posted a message without mentioning the Dali show he and I took in last weekend, I don't know if Steven got to the show yet but Erik and I were impressed by the VOLUME of work that he did (the forgery issue aside), it was great to see the range of his work.

trust all are well

steve & Katy Jean


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