Thursday, June 09, 2005

B6 Abu

i could probably write everyday about Iraq, but I won't because it's kinda monotanous... I get up early, take a shower in a portable shower, get dressed, head to chow, head to work and play with case files all day long. i am responsible for logging the case files into a database and organizing the files. that's pretty much my job. i move files all day long. it's late here and it shows that we have a lot of work. Abu Ghraib is a very primative location with great people assigned here. It's a small town and reminds me of B-boro. i've met a lot of folks and when i get the hang of my duties, i can continue to network. i can't tell you much about the units assigned here or where they're from, but we have all branches represented here except the coast guard. back to Abu. it's dirty. i live in an old jail cell and when i get to my permanent room, that's a former jail cell too. we all live in jail. dirt is everywhere. i was given a website to upload pix and i've been taking them. once i get an account, i'll send out the address.. we have a portable shower and one "hard shower" that is worse than a camp ground shower. no internal plumbing is available and we have port-a-pots everywhere.
this place gets attacked often, whether by mortar, rocket, or car bombs. casualtities do occur and we all kind of adjust to that. i've gained a new respect for the marines and army because even though i have it as bad as i do, those gusy are out there kickin in doors, in 100 + degree temps, putting their lives on the line. they're a hard group and are happy to get a hot meal. a group was on base the other day after a patrol and they looked rough, but they were smiling and friendly. i was telling one marine about my job and told him that we take care of the folks he catches. i sparked his interest and he was asking about how many prisoners are at Abu? how does the court system work and things like that. i thanked him for what he does and told him i'm just doing my part. there aren't many AF here and when folks see us they give us that look like, why on earth is the AF here???
sometimes i wonder the same thing.
more later. it's almost 0030 and back to work at 0800. it's a 7 day a week thing.


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