Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tom's Foot

I guess it is almost a month since Tom had his foot run over by the concrete mixer truck. His progress has been very slow in spite of the fact that the x-rays did not show damage. The other day they decided to x-ray again and felt they saw something. It was elected to do an MRI and that was done this AM. A couple hours later he got a call that informed him that there certainly was bone damage in the foot.

Girlfriend Vicky, a nurse, got a look at the plates and told Tom that most every bone in the foot had been fractured to some degree. He goes back in to the doctor on Monday and it looks like he is back a square 1. We assume a decision about the next steps (pardon the non-intended pun) will be made then. He has been dealing with a lot of pain and now finds his efforts to get it working again may have been futile.


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