Friday, June 10, 2005

B7 on Brian via Chrissy

I just wanted to let you all know that I spoke to Brian yesterday. He is doing well considering. He asked that I send his new email along to you:
I went ahead and asked about ideas for care packages, etc and he asked that no one send food. He said he eats 3 good meals and wishes not to keep food in his room due to a rodent issue- we all know how much Brian loves mice and rats...Anyway, he is still living out of a bag and is anxiously awaiting moving into his own room,probably some time today. He said the best thing would be AAFES gift cards so he could shop at the BX and help to make his room more comfortable (he would like to buy some rugs and a footlocker, etc). He will be staying in a renovated section of the prison. He will have his own cell so you can imagine it probably needs some work.Other items may come up once he gets a little more settled but he believes he took enough toiletries for his stay.He has been very busy at work and I believe he wishes for it to stay that way- it gives him something to do and passes the time. We all know he is a strong person and he sounded optimistic as he said "one week down". Keep him in your thoughts and prayers...


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