Saturday, August 27, 2005

Update from Iraq - 08/27/05

Hello All,

I know I haven't provided an update in a while, but I finally have a little time to write. I am working at the dining facility today so I'm not tied down to my normal chores.

Iraq still sux. You guys all know that and watch the news. It's sucked more the past few weeks because our 4 man office was down to only two. It's been hectic but we've managed to stay afloat. My days have averaged 16-18 hrs, so you could imagine I'm pretty tired. This past week we've worked on a "mass release" of detainees. Approximately 850 detainees were released and our office was responsible for serving each of them their paperwork. Again adding to the "organized" chaos and mass confusion of Task Force 134.

Last week while driving a HMMVV in a convoy, our convoy was stopped because an IED was found. It turned out to be 3 105 mm artillery rounds linked together. We sat on the highway for over 2 hours. I was sweating bullets because we only had a 1/4 in the tank when we left the base for home. I thought we were definately going to run out of gas. The whole time we were sitting on the hwy, we had the engine running and the AC on, so that chewed up some gas. Luckily we made it back with 1/8 of a tank but that's not much.

Other than that, the TF has changed their "rules" and now require me to be here at least an additional 3 days. I'm looking at leaving late in October. I got word yesterday that we need to move out of our house at Turkey before 1 Jan 06. You can only imagine how Chrissy feels. Seems like Turkey wasn't a great choice of assignments for my family.

Other than all the bad news, I've been closely following the Steelers training camp and it looks like the O has some work to do. Their D is going to be tough again and the Steelers have proved they can win with D as long as the O can score 14-17 pts..... we'll see.

You all take care and I'll keep you updated when I can.. I haven't really taken any more pix because you can only take so many of Abu. if i get some new ones, i'll put them on my website.

later gators.


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