Sunday, October 23, 2005

Germany is Sweet!!!

Hello All,

after four plus months in the AOR, I'm finally out. I landed in Germany yesterday. It was drizzily and overcast but after dealing with a never ending summer and continous sunshine, the cooler temps and clouds were WELCOME! Most of you know I love the Fall, so seeing green trees, rolling mountains, and changing leaves, I'm really digging Germany. It really is a lot like PA and I recommend everyone visit at least once in their lifetime.

Shortly after I arrived, a paralegal from the Ramstein Base Legal Office picked me up. We turned in my weapons (took all of two minutes) then went to a little festival in Ramstein Village. I tasted my first beer in over 4 months and it just added another reason why I want to come to Germany. The festival wasn't packed but the sun came out and it looked beautiful. I ended up sleeping most of the day away but that's OK, not much else for me to do. I watched some great college games but the PSU romp was on too late for me to stay up.

Today I enjoyed a large brunch. The sun is coming out now, so I'm going to take a long walk and enjoy the cool temps. It's about mid-60's here but after being in temps up to 130 degrees, this is wonderful. I'm going to go to the Chili's on base and enjoy some beverages later and then back to my room so I can yell at the TV during the Steelers v. Bengals game. I can't believe how much hype is being placed on this game but it's a MUST WIN for the Steelers.

I'm heading back to Incirlik on Monday and it will be very strange sleeping in my own bed again. It was weird laying on my queen sized bed in my billeting room, remote in hand, beer on the nightstand and flipping between college games. Almost made me feel at home again. I don't have to share a bedroom with anyone, no over crowded un clean bathrooms and a porcelain toilet. Paradise I tell you. It's amazing what we take for granted. I actually took a shower without a time limit and I almost turned off the water to conserve it. But I thought, shit no, i'm back in civilization and Germany has more rivers than most countries in Europe, I'm on an AF installation and I'm not in Iraq. It was great!

That's about it for now. I will see most of you guys in the next 2 weeks, for those I won't see, I'll email you when I make it back to the states. Pop Pop, only 3 weeks till we go to the Steelers game, man, you better bring your Terrible Towel!!!!!!

Take care all.



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