Wednesday, May 11, 2005


This is sent for sveral purposes. Of course, some of the information is distressing and I apologize for bringing that stuff to you. There will be not particular order to the facts I am sharing. Part of the reason for sending this is to let you know that my brother Bill is now pretty well and is finally among those who inhabit our cyberworld. I hope this mailing will allow us to share the family addresses with him.

Though Bill has turned the corner, his son, Billy, has a bit of a rough road to endure for now. A colonoscopy revealed some polyps that turned out to show some carcingens. He had another CTscan today and is scheduled for surgery next week. The family has been told that it seems to be localized and that it is not likely he will require chemo or radiation after the surgery.

The news on Debbie Werner Zarzyski is considerably more grim. Debbie is the daughter of Joyce Hughes and Bill Werner and both of them have been taken in less than two years. Now sister Viv reports that Debbie's problems have mounted and it is not likely she will leave the hospital alive. Viv indicates that it appears to be a matter of weeks or maybe even days.

My son Tom is at home with his foot in the air. He was holding back a lillac bush and trying to help a concrete truck get backed into his yard to provide fresh concrete to complete the job he is doing on his basement. He looked away for a moment and the truck driver turned and ran over his foot. Nothing broken but lots of pain and crutches. Many friends are busting on him about it with lines like "How big does a truck have to be so you can see it, Tom". One buddy even called and left the beeping sound ot a truck backing up on his answering machine.

Cousin Gin is back to the solitary life as Grand-daughter Lara and her husband (and their cats) have moved to Bethlehem where Khalil isshowing his art in a studio. Lara has not had much success in finding work in her chosen field, fashion design. Gin stays quite active and still swims regularly.

I spoke with Jack May and he is still amazing. Most surprising is that Celesta still puts up with him after all these years. You may recall that Jack's mobility is about Zero by now.

If you want to send cards or call any of those mentioned just let me know if you need addresses or phone numbers. Obviously you can do something by adding some of these dear folks to you prayers. Thanks and keep in touch. Bruce
BTW ~ you have not heard from Pres Steve as he went back to college and is up-to-his-ears in his studies at George Mason U. He is in a brand new program in Arts Management and keeps his nose to the grindstone.