Wednesday, March 23, 2005


The May gals are again on American soil. A quick call to Chrissy indicated that the they got in late last night and that the trip was not as bad as that going over. They are delighted to be back home. They are still getting acclimatized and are working out sleep and naps and hope to have it together shortly.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Plan B Press ~ surprising

Have you entered Plan B Press in Google? I just did AND it got me to Katy and Steve's site as the first choice. Pretty impressive and the site itself is interesting. You guys seem to be doing a great job with this. CONGRATS!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

the Virginia post #2

down here where the south never forgets, we are dealing with obstacles and roadblocks and "hey, this is my life" responses to it all. Katy is doing well, distributing poetry submissions to our readers from the just finished poetry chapbook contest. I have a paper due tomorrow (normal freakout time), otherwise - it's all going well.

I too am excited to see the girls but will have to wait a bit since another PA run isn't soon in our agenda. We are looking at the Toyota Prius, hydrids in this age of $2.00 gas makes sense (until they come out with a nongasoline using vehicle)

I am surprised that E posted a message without mentioning the Dali show he and I took in last weekend, I don't know if Steven got to the show yet but Erik and I were impressed by the VOLUME of work that he did (the forgery issue aside), it was great to see the range of his work.

trust all are well

steve & Katy Jean

Weekly Journal # 8 - from Chrissy

Good morning, afternoon, evening- whatever it may be…

Another Saturday, another day. We have been busy this week completing “the list” of things that need to be done before we make our journey back. By the way, the day is set for the 22nd, this Tuesday. No guarantee we will get on the flight or that it will leave on time, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. We ask that you give us some time to adjust to the seven hour difference when we get in. We will make sure to call when we have gotten back on some what of a normal schedule. We know you are anxious to see us as we are to see you, but trust me, you do not want to see Arri, Taylor,or I for that matter when we are psychotic from lack of sleep.

Brian is busy popping in over at the tax office when he gets a chance but has mostly been concentrating on getting things together for his deployment. Our bedroom is filling with armor, desert camo, and toiletries- too weird. With all his armor on he may get a better idea of what it is like to carry around extra pounds through a pregnancy.

I had a doctors appt on Friday. The baby’s heartbeat is strong and they are already telling me I am not going to have a small baby. She is measuring 2 weeks ahead of time. Great, another 9 pound baby to look forward to…

Taylor completed her last week of school. She is starting to express her concerns of leaving her friends. We know that she is going to miss her classroom as well as all her class pets. They have 2 huge hermit crabs, the “crabbers”, 4 turtles, and Happy the hamster. They enjoy holding Happy during quiet reading time. Taylor has to write in a daily journal as part of her homework and she often writes about Happy. This week she wrote, “ I held Happy today. She is soft and cudely but has a sharp claw but I got over it.” Very cute.

Arri missed school on Monday because of a stomach virus. On Friday her and her 2 classmates visited the AMC terminal and saw “hooge panes”. She told her teacher she was going to get on the plane and go visit Nicky, her classmate that just moved to California. She spends most of her day in a power struggle with any kind of authority. Her new thing this week is “errrrrerrerrr” anytime she is the least bit frustrated.

Our morning started as usual this morning with Arri fighting to get what she wants by pulling Taylor’s hair and the typical verbal struggle that I believe at this point that they actually enjoy.. What a wake up call.

Well, that’s really all I have to report. Take care.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Hi Family

Steven helped to get me set up on this blog and now I'm letting you all know that I'm up and running, so to speak.

Don't have anything to discuss so off I go.


Turkey Move

Since this is a medium for sharing can we get some information on when the female Turkish contingency is relocating stateside? I keep asking but those who know don't seem to want let the rest of us in on it.

BTW. did you notice how quiet this site is when nothing dramatic happens to Steven?

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Weekly Journal # 7 - from Chrissy

Hello all...
This week has gone by quickly and I survived a week at home with the maniacs by myself. Brian enjoyed his week in Germany. Of course he sampled the good beer. Everything here is at least a year old. He returned to us this morning. The girls and I were glad to see him back.
It was a busy week. All of us girls visited the dentist and left with good reports. Arri amazed me as well as them I believe as she climbed onto the chair and placed the sunglasses on her face to keep out the bright light and then continued to open her mouth and say "ahh". It was too easy. I could of sworn she was going to be the difficult one all around. But thats what makes her special- shes always good for a surprise here and there.
Taylor accompanied me on Friday to my ultrasound. It was truly amazing and quite the experience for her. We could see every bone and Taylor counted toes. She counted 6 but swears there were only 5. We watched as she swam around on screen and according to Taylor, her heart was talking to her. It was neat!!
Today was closing ceremonies for bball and Brian had a little barbecue for his team. Taylor walked away with her 3rd trophy and has a sleepover tonight which she is very excited about. As I am writing this the rest of the house is sleeping-the week caught up with everybody.
Have a good weekend- until next time...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

About Tom

I called Tom last night and he is aching. He came down those stairs in his stocking feet and lost it and fell and hurt his lower spine, back, shoulders and head. Some of you may remember that Mom did that on those spiral steps in the dining room and came right out into the room on her back. She was sore but years later we learned that she had cracked the coxcyx bone at the base of her spine. Since he sees Vicky (Nurse Vicky) I guess he is in good hands.

Updates from south of potomac

Katy has been accepted into a show at the Philadelphia City Hall, so we are making the trek north this weekend. Katy is to drop her art off Sat. morning at City Hall at 9 AM. Later the same day, I am taking Erik to the Art Museum to see the Dali show. The interesting thing here is that 21 years ago, I took him to see the Chagall show at the museum. It's a nice tradition to continue, I believe.

My own experiences down here are mixed. Mostly a nice mix but Virginia is bureaucratically challenged and well, it's a southern state and they think oddly about things down here. I am working two jobs nah, "gotta go to work" (thinking of the Jamaicans on In Living Color) plus classes. It's a great networking opportunity and opens the whole new region to me. I am involved, in one capacity or another in 5 arts activities now including starting another 501 c 3 nonprofit with 4 fellow Arts Management grad students.

We busy, yo. The press is paying for itself. We published Anne Blonstein, an innovative poet who has lived in Bern Switzerland for the past 20 odd years but is still primarily English....either way, we are now an International Press. Our contests are starting to get their sea legs and generally we are having more fun this year then when we took it over in 2003. More poets, more books, more money. We have yet to really market or advertise aggresssively, but I was just reading how "small" the first printing of The Da Vinci Code (85,000) was. It has now sold over 25 MILLION copies. That's absurd.

Anyway, we will be buzzing through. To check our availability, please call our cell phones. (we don't leave home without them)

steve & the amazingly talented Katy Jean

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Party time ~~~ join me, please!
Hey all

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Trying it

OK,,,,, let's see if this makes it onto the family blog.

The Chrissy Report

Another week has gone by...
Brian was leaving for Germany on Friday but his trip got postponed until Monday. He was unable to get a flight until then. He is going for a conference of some sort. He was hoping to do a little sight seeing but may not have time to now. He is returning on Friday. We were glad to have him around the house a few more days. He has spent most of his time on homework. His classes are very time consuming.
My ultrasound is at the end of this week. Taylor is going to accompany me since Brian will be unable. She is excited about viewing her little sister or brother. We have been discussing names and it is has been challenging considering we now have a third opinion to consider.
Taylor has yet another birthday party at the bowling alley this weekend- not too many options here. I told her she is going to be a great bowler in no time. This week was Dr.Seuss's birthday so they celebrated it all week at school.
Arrianna had school M,W,F. She has been in a power struggle all week ...testing her waters to see what she can control. Her teacher said that Friday for everything they did she would cross her arms and say "I'm not going to do that" And in about 30 seconds when they moved on without her she would come over and say" Otay, now I ready". She definitely has her own mind and agenda. She is the boss in the house- at least she tries.
It continued to be warm this week so we tried to do as many bike rides and trips to the park as possible. It is supposed to rain the rest of the week, but we will see. Hope everyone is enjoying the white snow and keeping warm.
Have a good week!!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

More Unfortunate Events

I am typing on an arm that was just subjected to a full round of Rabies Injections!

Whooo Hoooo!!!

After hearing the advice of nearly everyone after the incident, I checked myself into Betty Ford. Sitting in the emergency room of the Reading Hospital gave me flashbacks, and my knee really started aching. Not nearly as much, however, as the ache in my head knowing what was coming.

"Did you know the cat?" the admitting nurse asked.

"No," I said.

"Oooohhh," she replied, in that oh-so-knowing way.

That was around 6-ish. I told the same story to several nurses, admitting and attending, as well as the Doctor PA who finally saw me. "Rabies shots you for, my friend." "Are you serious? Can't I just have the tetanus? Please?" JUST the tetanus shot? I was desperate! That was like 7-ish.

Oh, no, the staff was adamant! I needed to be injected with at least 50 needles, it was God's choice! I don't do needles well, y'all. After the first 5 injections, I was laying down. By the seventh I was seeing stars. When it was all over, I felt like Hunter S. on a Vegas bender (peace, HST).

And that was just Day 0. I have FOUR MORE VISITS!

Luckily, those days are just one shot. I may be able to WALK after just one. As it stands, I have to take a precautionary antibiotic, just in case. Cats have filthier mouths, even more so than me, it seems. I can't get over how funny this whole thing is; I'm giddy with the absurdity

Moral of the story? I dunno, I still say you should care about animals and try to help strays. I would want someone to help me if I were lost. Just don't open the door too wide...

A Series of Unfortunately STUPID Events

I have had the stupidest week. Mercury must be retrograde, or something, because I keep having the dumbest stuff happen. All me doing dumb things and having major oversights.

Today was the Best/Worst. I was making coffee in the kitchen around 9:00 when I saw a stray cat sauntering up the back walk. Not a rare occurrence, since cats seem to love invading our back yard, even in winter. Many of them use the lawn as a litter box, other snoop around for food. At least two have even visited Darwin at the dining room window.

You all know I love animals, especially cats, so it should come as no surprise that I was curious and sympathetic for the cat. It was cold this morning, and this cat looked lost/scared/hungry. It actually came right up the back steps and started crying to me. Awwwww.

Now, remember, I had not yet had coffee, and my mind/motor functioning was still impaired. So what did I do? I opened the door to see if the critter had a collar or was a housecat. How I would actually know if the cat had an owner was beyond me. Whatever, right?

I opened the door, the cat came in. Walked right in like he owned the place. And he was a HE, still intact and everything. Warning Number 1. He entered the kitchen, swishing his huge, puffed up tale. Warning Number 2. I tied to shoosh him out, but he just froze. I came up behind him, and picked him up...

Well, you can guess the rest.

Luckily, I dropped him right away. He scurried back into the mudroom and hid under the table. I had wicked scratches over the back of my right hand near my wrists, and my right thumb has a really bad bite. After I stopped most of the bleeding, I calmly opened the back door. The cat calmly walked to the exit and looked sadly back at me as I closed him out.

At the same time, Melissa came in and told me about HER bad news. I was a bit shaken up over the vicious attack. And how very STUPID I was. I mean, duh, who lets a stray into their house before they've even had bloody coffee?!?! My had hurts and I don't know if I should go to the hospital for a tetanus booster or anything. Anyone have a suggestion?


i think i'm finally in the club. bout time. I thought the bouncer steven would never let me in. I think this thing is much better than sending emails and it's easier to use. The lastest news from Turkey is we can't drink the "Raki." Raki is a Turkish liqour with a really high proof. It tastes like black licorice. A bulletin has been gowing across the TV all day warning US service members not to drink it. Some loons stole a large quantity of Raki and filled the bottles with methyl alcohol and Turks have been poisoned because of it. crazy Turkey....

Not much else. It was about 65 degrees today with a slight breeze....

Problems abound

Problems continue! Don't follow the earlier link, rather check your spam folder, as the invites may be perceived as spam by your email server.

Sorry for the continued problems.


Some Thoughts

I appreciate all of you checking out the site. I have some thoughts, which I will also post on the blog:

  • This site is for any news about any May. Pop-pop wanted to know if the entire May family listserv could use it; I say, the more the merrier! I especially wanted it for my immediate family, but all are welcome.
  • Melissa says she won’t participate unless she can be profane. LOL Hey, you all can be profane, but as site administrator, I can edit your posts! I love that kind of power. Mwahahahhaa!!!!!
  • You can post your pictures to the site! In fact, I encourage it, especially for Brian & Chrissy (Chrissy, your family can visit the site, even if they don’t want to join: The process, however, is complex. I will give an elaborate description at a later date, but if you want a head start, follow this link:

I hope this gives you all some guidance. I thank you all for your input, and hope you all get blogging!

Love, Steven

Friday, March 04, 2005

This from Brian to answer my question

i'll find out in June (shortly after I deploy). I hope I made it because more doors and opportunities will open for me. I was nominated and selected as the Top Paralegal in my Numbered AF (about 6 bases). My name was sent in to our MAJCOM and I didn't win but was told the selection was the most difficult they've ever seen... blah blah blah.

I'll be heading to Germany next week. should be fun. i've never been to main land Europe and I'm looking forward to the trip. It will definately give me some perspective on Europe and whether we go there from here or not.


I spoke with Tom today and invited him to ride along to visit Uncle Bill. Actually, I called too late as he was on his way to York to see Uncle Mose. Lauren and Ted had visited the Bakers and got a very nice note from Annamarie. I speak with Bill regularly and he seems to be doing well and expects to be able to go back home early next week. We may try to get up there over the weekend.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

it's March, time to think about moving

Katy has convinced me that our time at this address is nearly past. This apt. complex is crap; the neighbors are terrible, the landlords are ***holes, and it's not close to either school or Katy's job; so she has begun the great new search.

We will be here till the end of June, but afterwards.....

steve & Katy Jean

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Turkish May Journal Week #5

In case you didn't see this the first time...

I think I am right on the weeks- time is really flying...

So, not too much new here. Brian's office cannot decide what they want to do with him so he really isn't much involved in taxes right now. Trying to get everything sorted out for his deployment ...getting equipment,dates for training, etc. He had a good feeling after his test and believes he did really well. For once after six months of studying, he didn't come home and beat himself up looking up answers. Actually, I told him if I saw him with his book open I was going to throw it out!!

I am scheduled for an ultrasound March 11. We may go against our beliefs and find out the sex if it is something we can do together. Of course only if the baby cooperates. Knowing the stubborn streak in both of us, if the baby is inheriting just a little, we probably won't be able to tell.

Taylor just finished up her basketball season this morning. She scored once today. I have been filming so you will have to check it out when we get back. I am not promising anything professional-actually, I am pretty much guarenteeing it will give you a headache. Anyway, she had her 100th day of school on Friday and participated in many activities. Her dramatic streaks continues as she dicussed her encounter with mac n' cheese this week at school lunch. As you all know she is not a fan. She said " I actually ate some. It looked good and smelled good. You know, that's just my life!!" I am sure you can imagine the facial expression that went along with it.

Speaking of expressions, let's move on to Arri. Her teacher was trying to figure out where she gets them all until she saw Taylor one day at school and said "now it makes sense" Her faces go along with the growing attitude brewing inside her. I asked her to stop talking to me like that one day and she said "Yes, man!" There isn't a day that goes by that she isn't rolling her eyes and normally has some kind of shake that goes along with it. The "leave me lone" is once again ringing in our ears. I wonder, will I ever get out of this drama production?!?

I suppose "That's just my life!"

Talk to ya'll again next week assuming that our email will hold on. Hope all is well.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Joining In

This is a fine idea and worth the little time it takes to sign in and become a MayBlogger. You can check the update on Uncle Bill in the response to Steven. I think we all have to learn how to use this.

cool idea

this is a really good idea, Steven. Thanks for thinking of it


Snow? We don't need no stinking SNOW!

We got about 8 inches in the past day or so. My office closed, although we really shouldn't have. It's clear now. But this winter has been a snowy one. UGH! I hate SNOW!

Welcome One and All

I created this weblog for our far-flung family to keep in touch. Pop (Bruce, Doctor) May asked for regular journal entries from Brian and Chrissy in Turkey. Chrissy has been keeping up on that end, and good for her! However, I thought it would be a good idea to have an ongoing journal for everyone.

For Dad (Steve, Pops) and Katy -- how's life in NoVa?
For Erik -- how are things in Philly?
For Melissa -- how's NYC? and the wicked weekly commute back to PA?
For those of us more local, talk about school, work, family, friends, pets...

You can use this space as a simple "here's what's up" journal, to post funny stories, and even to network for jobs! Also, please feel free to post your pictures! I'll explain more about that later.

An open forum for all May-kind!

A few ground rules:
No profanity -- I want kids to be able to read and post
No sexual talk -- same reason
No dirty pictures -- same reason
No badmouthing -- save your criticisms for the phone or in person, where they belong!

So, begin blogging!