Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Update from Iraq

Hello Mays in States!!

I am enjoying my second day off during my 7th week of captivity at Abu Ghraib. Not much has changed. The job is still mind numbingly monotonous, the food is not that great, but it's edible and it's stinking hot. Now i think the heat has finally graduated to Qatar hot. it's been getting up to the 120's. So when you all are complaining about 100 degree days with 99% humidity, just think of me and you'll start cooling off. Luckily I don't work outside, i really feel for the Army folks who have to babysit the detainees in the camps. See these guys are forced to be Military Police (MPs). It's not the jobs they were trained to do. More of the Army's war in Iraq when I return. A lot of things I can't say because of the format, but you guys won't believe how things are here. I'm sure glad I didn't GO ARMY.

I caught a bit of a cold this week. Nothing serious, just CRUD. The dust still persists and irritates me like you would not believe. There is nothing I can do about it though. We had a huge sandstorm last week. I went out during the storm and took pictures, then the next day, I walked the same route and took pix from the same angles. The turned out really neat and people like the slideshow i put together. I've been having trouble uploading pix to my website, but i'll keep trying to load these. The sky was Mars colored and looked like rusty air. Seriously, it was bizarre.

I convoyed a few times since my last update. Basically that's how you get around, everything is a convoy. Imagine having to get a huge convoy, complete with armored gun trucks and HMMVVS just to go to downtown Reading from Douglassville. We're only about 20 miles from Baghdad, but it takes an eternity to get anywhere because of the security risks. Americans can't fathom what everyday life is like for the Iraqis or the coalition forces here. There isn't much infrastructure and the roads are terrible. This country has a long way to go.

Everyone knows of our new family member. Chrissy has uploaded a ton of pix to her website and she keeps me up to speed of Carys' progress. From what mom says, Care-Bear looks just like Bean. Taylor seems to think so also. There are two very proud sisters who fight over who can hold Carys or who holds her longer than the other. Some things won't change.

As for me, I'm trying to stay positive. It was hard not being there with Chrissy for the birth, but something good has got to come out of this "adventure." Not sure what it is, but time will tell. Most of you probably know I got my promotion. Unfortunately, i won't "pin on" for about 12 months. That's just how it works in the AF. The other branches I work with don't seem to understand why, but hey, I can't change the AF.... yet..... i'll be looking at changing jobs when i get back to my base. I'm going to try to become an instructor.

I've lost some weight, but that's a good thing. I keep showing people my ID and how "fat" i used to be. I was only about 15 lbs heavier, but I guess it makes a big difference, who knows. Lauren keeps challenging me to a race when i get home, but she'll win. I get much gym time. Today was only the second time i went for a run, on a treadmill. That's one reason why i don't like to run here, I hate treadmills. I keep tweeking my room. I put up a shelf today and drilled a few more screws into my wall. that will help keep things off the floor, but unfortunately, my window doesn't keep all of the bird pleasantries out. A fregging pigeon has decided to build a nest against my plastic window. oooh, if i was allowed to shoot it.

Well, i wanted to send a group hello and a digital hug. Summer camp starts this weekend. I see TO is acting up, guess you Eagle fans are in for some summer drama. I keep telling you to convert to a real team. Hopefully the Steelers can pick up where they left off. Didn't Marino take the Dolphins to the bowl in his second year?? I think so. My Cards are rolling in the NL Central. Hopefully some of their bats can pick up so they can walk their way into the playoffs.

That's about it. Thank you for sending me packages, well wishes, correspondence, emails and other things. I love you guys. See you in the fall - FOOTBALL SEASON -- FINALLY!!!!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Pictures of the girls

I got to see Carys, Arri, and Chrissy last weekend. The baby's REALLY cute. You can see some of Chrissy's pictures of the girls at her online photo album: http://chrisbiskits.myphotoalbum.com.

Welcome to Carys Annabelle!

I wanted to announce the arrival of Ms. Carys (pronounced Care-iss) Annabelle May. A lot of people were asking about the name Carys. It’s Welsh for love or loved one.

Born 14 July 2005 at 1250 EST. Location – Reading Community Hospital, Reading, PA. She was 8 lbs (even), 20 inches long with brown hair and blue eyes. Chrissy was doing fine when I spoke with her last night for me but afternoon for her. Carys was eating at the time and hadn’t been back to sleep since she came out. It was a smooth delivery (easy for me to say)…..

I’ll send the link to Chrissy’s website when she gets home and has the opportunity to upload the pix to the internet. Take care. Chrissy’s email address is chrisbiskits@yahoo.com and the mailing address is:

212 Stephens Way
Douglassville PA 19518